Perioperative Safety Screening

For Patients at Risk of Sleep Apnea

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Perioperative means before, during, and after surgery. Patients with obstructive sleep apnea, or OSA, are at a higher risk of complications from surgery because of respiratory depression and inflammation in the upper airway. A restricted airway can lead to low oxygen levels, heart rate abnormalities, heart attacks and strokes, and ultimately, cardiopulmonary arrest.

Unrecognized OSA is one of the major causes of perioperative complications, including delayed healing.

The use of sedatives and anesthetics, muscle relaxants and narcotics may worsen or trigger upper airway obstruction, sleep disordered breathing and apnea. The stress of an upcoming surgery adds sleep deprivation to the equation.

ZZenter has its own OSA risk-assessment protocols and management tools beginning with a simple self-test questionnaire to screen for symptoms of OSA. Our staff can get an alert from the preoperative screening teams so a quick confirmatory test and treatment plan can be implemented prior to an elective surgical procedure.

Several safety and outcome-minded surgical centers and their board-certified anesthesiologists regularly refer their patients to the ZZenter system.

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